Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OK It's Official

Summer is really here! It's been a brutal transition from mountain weather in the 70's, but it's not unexpected or unseasonable.

However, you know it's going to be a hot ride when the weather report says the temp is 81 and it "feels like" 85 before you even get out of bed.  I was thinking that this weather might deter other riders, but there was a pack of 9 at the stoplight at Broadway and Galileo Gallilei (yes, there's a street at MIT named that).

When it gets this hot, I do make a couple of concessions to the weather:

1)  I wear a more ventilated helmet.  Yes it looks dorky with my dress, but the Yakkay just doesn't have much airflow. I've been meaning to retrofit it with more grommets, but haven't found big ones in the right color.

2) I don't dry my hair in the morning (this may not be an option for some)

3) I bring iced coffee instead of regular, and sip along the way

4) I bring a damp handkerchief (in addition to my dry handkerchief) to wipe myself down at stop signs.

5) I ride much slower.  I have to constantly remind myself to drop it down a notch.

6) Whenever possible, I ride along the river MUP so that I can go as slowly as I want and ride without a helmet for that portion.   I couldn't do that today, as I desperately needed to take the stinky compost away, and that route is through the middle of Cambridge.

How's the summer weather treating you?


  1. warmly... these afternoon gales out of the West offer no relief, as they are so warm, and often are a head-wind for me to contend with... still greatly prefer this over the snow, though ;)

  2. Summer is toasty, here in Dallas, Texas!
    We could definitely use some good downpours.
    Peace :)

  3. I drink a lot of ice water and watch my speed to regulate my temperature.

  4. The big question; did you commute through the torrential downpours on the way home or did you wait them out? I saw several soaked cyclists riding from Forest Hills.
    I had a community meeting to go to at 6pm and ended up with totally soaked pants and shoes.

  5. I have to admit that I waited it out, and got home perfectly dry. The Scientist came home during the worst of it and got soaked on the way from the car to the house!

  6. Where do you bring your compost to?

    1. I take it to the bins at Whole Foods on Prospect Street. It's right next to my route on Harvard St. Interestingly there was someone else dropping off compost by bike yesterday- the first time I've seen anyone else dropping off by bike.

  7. No summer happening, here in the UK....