Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beacon St: Volunteers Needed, and express your support

Related to yesterday's post,  Livable Streets Alliance and the Boston Cyclists Union are doing customer surveys on Beacon St Somerville to help determine how people get to Beacon St,  and what they do along that corridor.   We suspect that there are a lot of people who arrive here on bikes and by foot, and that that needs to be acknowledged in the planning process.  In order to do that we need volunteers to stand on the street and ask people to take a very quick survey.

I'm volunteering for both the times this weekend- Saturday from 4PM  to 7PM and Sunday from noon to 3pm.  We really need volunteers for this.  Please contact me at bikinginheels  (at)  yahoo (dot) com  if you can help out.

Unfortunately the businesses in the area where parking will be partially removed are organizing to stop the project.  They are meeting the Director of transportation on Monday night October 29th.  The survey is being pushed forward quickly partly because of the weather (and the possibility of the great winter winnowing)  but also so that we can have results before this meeting on Monday.
Again,  please consider volunteering, as we'd like 8 volunteers, and currently we have 2.  We need a minimum of 4 for continuity of the results.

If you bike down this corridor, and if you stop in the local businesses,  please try to express to them when you stop by that you bike, and that you are their customer just as much as people who arrive by car.

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