Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tweed ride

ThisOn the theory that late is better than never,  I have some pictures of the tweed ride.
The weather despite being awful and muggy in the morning,  turned out to be a bit warm (especially for wearing wool), but surprisingly fine.
I met a lot of kindred spirits, and a good time was had by all.  Lots of pedestrians, especially on Newbury street wanted to know "what are you riding for?" I tried to answer a couple of them with an explanation about vintage bikes and vintage clothes and british three speed clubs,  but I finally gave up and started saying  "for fun!"
This woman had a vintage 2x2 camera that she was using to document the ride

This gentleman's bike was from the late 1940's

This bike, also very old , was dressed up with a corsage for the occasion

Elton, from Harris Cyclery
This bike has an old lamp which burned oil to create a headlight

This woman won the "best dressed lass" competition.  I spoke to her and she had taken in a thrift store suit to give it a great nipped waist.  I wish I was such an able seamstress.

Check out this cool helmet cover, made from stretchy mesh with some feather attachments.  Weak rum toddy in the thermos-  her basket had a great cover too.


  1. Great photos! Have you submitted them to the Flickr pool? It's nice to see Elton, he seems to be having a good time! Am curious to see your outfit, but I respect your right to remain incognito if you wish : )

  2. I have it on good authority :) that the stretchy mesh was actually the top of a pair of pantyhose!