Saturday, June 15, 2013

Can see it from here

No, the shop isn't open yet, but I feel like I can see it from here.  Inventory is arriving still, but there's enough here, that it's starting to look like a bike shop!  I made a big push and removed a bunch of bikes from their boxes, and though I haven't assembled them all yet, it made a huge difference in how the space feels- to be full of bikes instead of cardboard boxes.
With bonus shop dog checking the floor for treats
My slatwall hooks arrived finally, and I've been randomly putting things up on the walls just to get a sense of how much space everything takes up.  I'll then need to go through and arrange things into a hopefully logical system.  I'll also need to put price tags on, and set up a master "inventory" file.  At this point I'm still ordering some things as a test- because I've seen them online and thought they looked cool, but wanted to see them "in the flesh" before committing to ordering multiples.
IMG_3605I've had a fairly steady stream of visitors.  I assembled a couple of bikes for Velouria of Lovely Bicycle, and she came by to review them,  and also did a test ride and review  of my bakfiets, which you can read here.
It hasn't all been unpacking fun merchandise shipments.  I've been having to do some basic maintenance already.  The front door turned out to have an unpleasant habit of falling off its hinges if you opened it too widely- say to bring in a bakfiets,  and so I had to have it replaced.  And then the glass guy dropped the door while it was off its hinges, so then he had to replace the glass.  I also had to replace the faucet on the sink upstairs because it was leaking all over the floor.  I can also tell you a lot more about credit card processing than you probably want to know!  I was originally hoping to be open for this weekend, but that's looking like it won't happen, especially since I managed to wrench my back and am on strict orders not to lift any bikes or heavy boxes today!  But I definitely am getting close- will let everyone know as soon as I'm open!


  1. Positive waves. I truly hope this works out.

  2. Good luck and keep pressing forward. I/we have owned small businesses in the past. They say the two best days are the first day you open and the day you sell :P


  3. I don't see a work stand in your new digs, are you assembling bikes on the wooden platform seen in your photo? That's certainly a strain on your poor back.

    Best wishes for a successful shop!

  4. The workstand is in a back corner- just didn't take photos of it!

  5. Can't wait for this shop to open!

  6. Keep feeding us photos,I'm very excited to see how your shop turns out!

  7. Ooh, is that a Kinn in the last photo?

  8. Congrats on your opening-to-come. I found you from a retweet and am now following you there.

    I ride for fun/miles on the South Shore. When the mood strikes, I'll bring my bike into town and take a ride over to visit. N. Cambridge/Somerville are familiar biking grounds for over 40 years.

    Best of luck!