Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Big Day!

So I'm live-blogging from the opening of Bicycle Belle!  There was a fair bit of scurrying around this morning- getting cash for the cash register, last minute supplies and such.
The Scientist helped hang a "Now Open" banner
Banner Hanging
And I did a few last minute test rides to check bike assemblies that I had done on rainy days and not ridden yet.
It's a soft opening- very soft, so far- as I've made only one sale, to M-  who needed a coffee cup holder for Pauline, his Gazelle, and tried out one of the Cleverhoods

Emily fromHub Bikes, our "sister store" to whom we refer repairs, came by,  Mike Flannigan from ANT came by and checked out the Kinn,  and a lot of people just walking by  stuck their heads in.
We'll still be getting bikes in over the summer as the Paper Bicycles arrive in July and the Workcycles Bakfietsen, FR8's and GR8's arrive in August (we hope).
But we have lots of Yakkay and Bern helmets in stock:
Super stylish Vespertine reflective vests-These are on the back wall, and car headlights shining through the front door light them up in the evening.
 This is what they look like
And Vespertine reflective pins:
Stealth tweed scarf looks grey in normal light, but headlights (or flash) light it up
Yepp kids' seat-s both the front mounted mini, and the rear mounted maxi, and accessories to mount them on any bike
And of course, leaning towers of baskets:
We'll be open 10-6:00 most days,  12-5 Sunday, and closed on Monday- drop by at 368 Beacon and check us out!


  1. YAY!! Super excited and will come by soon (that is once I get my roller brake back together after stupidly getting very curious about how it works...)

  2. Oh I forgot to mention that I have also added you into Google and after review from somebody who has more power than I do, it will be up live on maps in a week or so. I can also send you information on claiming your listing so that you can then edit it whenever things change (hours etc) or to add photos without having to go through the review process. I will check on it in a few days and see if it posted live yet and then let you know

  3. Felicitaciones! Lovely merchandise! Wishing you much success!

  4. Wow so exciting! Congratulations! I hope to swing by soon. Do you happen to have bern helmet replacement liners? Those things are hard to find at retail stores and I've had bad experiences with their online store customer service. If you don't have them, putting them in stock would be great, as once someone sees that they can put in the cozy earmuff liner into the helmet, they instantly want it.

  5. Well, I'm just a little bit too far off to pop 'round, but congratulations on the new shop. Here's hoping you can keep your head above water.

  6. Congratulations! Your shop looks great. I'll definitely stop by when I'm in the area.

  7. I cannot wait to come visit you in your shop. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  8. Very exciting! Wishing you great success! Will be sure to stop in when I am in the area.

  9. As someone who is a "transportation cylist" (and so is my wife), I would like to congratulate you on making the move. Twenty years ago, my ambition was to own a bike shop, but I always took the easy money jobs that came my way. It has made life reasonably comfortable, but I still haven't made the move :-(
    If only I'd made it when I was younger ...
    Anyway, hope it goes well for you.

  10. Hi Carice,
    Great store! My husband and I wandered into BB a couple of Sundays ago and bought the 2 Bern helmets after quite a bit of trying on. We love the shop and had marvelous time just chit chatting with you and I adored the Bobbin that I test "drove." Best of luck with the store and we will hopefully be stopping in sometime soon! Best, Rita

  11. I SO wish there was a store like this near where I live (Arkansas). With a job change, it has suddenly become much more feasible to bike to work, so I have been reading all about it, and only finding bike shops in my area which cater mostly to hardcore male cyclists, I finally ordered a Public bike online. It would have been lovely to buy a bike from a store like yours, and to be able to browse and actually look at and touch things before buying them. I wish all the best to you and your shop, and hope that yours and others like it succeed. We could use more shops like this! Cheers!