Friday, June 15, 2012

CSA Pickup!

It's that time of year again, CSA pickups have begun!  I really like having it so close to my office- I just run down and pick it up during my lunch hour.  The process has been made much easier by the new-ish (late last year)  bike lanes on Atlantic Ave both ways.   I used to take the lane without too much guilt, since there are two lanes, but it IS much more comfortable to have my own space on the road.
Red Fire Farms offers a delivery option with Metro Pedal Power, but I do it using Minerva Pedal Power
Lots and lots and lots of greens this time of year!  I've been trying to eat more salads, so this is not entirely unwelcome, but it's still a lot of lettuce.   We got (tuscan) kale last week, which I immediately turned into my favorite salad!
I forgot my big-ass panniers, so I had to rely on "Velouria's" panniers (TM)

Surprisingly, we also got 2Lbs of Zucchini/ summer squash,  which I think of as a later summer crop.  Faced with so much zucchini before I was really ready for it,  and especially given that it was kind of cold this week, I turned it into a batch of this soup.  I used plain goat cheese instead of the Boursin,  because I had one and not the other, and it was good, although I had garlic breath for 36 hours after.

One of my favorite temptations at the farmer's market where I pick up my CSA is the Swiss Bakers stand.  I have a hard time resisting their pretzels, which come in roll, rod and traditional pretzel forms.
I believe that they now have a retail cafe'/ bakery in Brighton, need to make a trip out there to check it out.

As always during the early weeks, I cling to the fiction that I can eat everything before the next week's bounty arrives.   It never quite works out, but it's a good incentive to eat a lot of veggies and center my meal planning on what's actually in the fridge, as opposed to whatever grabs my fancy on the way home.


  1. *almost have a retail cafe'/bakery in Brighton. It is very close to being finished and might have a soft opening before the end of the month. I ride past it every day and the finally have the "opening soon outside"

    For reference it is at the corner of Western Ave and Travis Street (just over from North Harvard Street)

  2. The main way I deal with the excess from the CSA is canning and freezing. Frequently when there is a lot of something, I make a big batch of soup, the leftovers of which can go in the freezer. I was using soup and frozen corn and peppers from last season until April.

    1. Oh I definitely do that- especially the canning, as my freezer is tiny. However, I've yet to see a way to preserve lettuce :)

  3. I thought I saw you there last year on Minerva. We're Red Fire Farm CSA customers and, like you, do scramble to eat up by the following Monday what we can't preserve. Happily we'll have summer houseguests next week who will take up some of the slack.