Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mullet Bike, Or, the modern Penny Farthing

Technically not a bike,  this scooter looks like a modern Penny-Farthing with it's big wheel in front and little wheel in back.

I also thought it was a bit like a mullet-  business in front, party in the back!

The high quality of the components (full fenders,  mirror, real caliper brakes,quick release wheels, nice brass bell) make it clear that this isn't a kid's toy, but a practical mobility device.  It almost certainly cost as much as a bicycle (or more than most BSO's)  and  I'm curious about the reasoning that brings someone to this instead of a bicycle.  A bad back?

Something I love about early industrial items is how decorative pattern is used in practical objects- to add gripping texture or just to add design interest.  I appreciate that instead of just using diamond plate or something prosaic to give non-slip texture to the footbed, they used such a joyful figurative device.


  1. How come I never see stuff like this? Obviously I hang out in the wrong spots!

  2. steve, *i* never see stuff like this and i cycle past cycler's house several times a week! i don't know how she sniffs them out!

  3. isn't this the second utility scooter you've seen? Or is it the same?

    I really like it. I agree though that I'd rather pedal but it is pretty sweet to look at, basket and yellow color and all.

  4. Agreed: I'm also puzzled as to why you would get this close to being a bicycle and then stop. Then again, I'm strongly in the camp of "why stand when you can sit?"... Curious, indeed!

  5. I have four scooters, aka footbikes or pushbikes; three of them like the Kickbike (brand) above and one from another maker in the Czech Republic. Scooters for adults are huge fun (think of the abandon of a nine year old) while providing an engaging upper and lower body cardio workout. While I love my bicycles and will be riding my Brompton early tomorrow morning, I have to have my fix on my Kickbike as I did today, kicking 13 miles in about 66 minutes. Kicking is a very fun companion to my cycling, engaging in a unique way.

    Kicking is huge in Europe but still relatively unknown here. You can read a recent article about this sport in Time Magazine at:,9171,1969746,00.html .

    Thank you for your great blog!

  6. Seen them myself and broke down and bought one. Hesitated at first but now wonder why I waited. They are great fun and give you a workout without the pounding I feel when I run. Highly recommend this scooter.

  7. I have seen quite few kick bikes in the various Amish/Pennsylvania Dutch communities scattered about.


  8. Where do I buy one of these in the UK please? Has any one heard of a dutch brand named KLSTKA or something similar sounding? Advise would be great! Thanks.