Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maybe it WASNT a once in a lifetime thing!

There was a state trooper  on the Longfellow again this morning- pulling over speeders.    I asked the Statie how fast I was going (downhill)  and he just laughed and said "not fast enough.  Maybe they've figured out that this is a big revenue source,  which would be awesome, because speeding is so rampant on the bridge.

The Livable Streets mailing list that I participate in had a discussion of it last time they were ticketing,  and one of the members co-workers got a ticket and was told that they were cracking down "because of the bike share"   I told Nicole Freedman about it,  and she said that it was a surprise to her,  and she hadn't asked for enforcement,  but thought it was great that they were doing it.   I'm a little concerned that people will "blame" bikes for getting a ticket, instead of their lead feet,  so I wish that the troopers just said "it's because of safety"

In any case, I hope to see this trooper regularly in the next couple of months, and hope that cars begin to expect him too!


  1. Good to hear they're enforcing the speed limit where you are. Speeding is the biggest traffic problem in Chicago and I don't think the speed limit is ever enforced, outside of the highways.