Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dapper Gent

I've seen this guy several times recently, and finally managed to snap a shot of him.
I'm not so excited about him salmoning, but he's got a great sense of style:

Just another citizen cyclist in the People's Republic:  Sport coat, lilac shirt, orange argyle socks,  vintage Raleigh! looks like he needs a cup holder though.


  1. It also looks like he's improperly crossing the lane to make that turn :(.

  2. @ Ann, I'll leave whether he wants a helmet up to him.

    @Somevillain. He was riding towards me in a bike lane, and then was turning left onto Prospect. The illegalness is just a byproduct of the salmoning.

    I see a fair number of salmon on Harvard here. Broadway can be so unfriendly to ride on, and there aren't many westbound options nearby.

    I have had to detour all the way to the other side of Mass Ave to find a low volume alternative going towards Harvard Sq. (Green St). I just got tired of being harassed and close passed on Broadway. I expect that a lot of locals salmon here because the alternatives are unpleasant and Harvard turns into a two-way right here.

  3. In Bike Ed, one principle is to "look where you want to go." Helmets aside, one wonders where the gent is intending to go considering his head versus wheel direction. Of course, snapshots are exactly that.

    For the helmet Nazis, a helmet is pretty much a minor factor for salmon, just as loading one versus two revolver cylinders is a minor factor to someone playing Russian Roulette.

    1. Steve, I'm pretty sure he's looking at me and wondering why I'm taking his photo!

  4. I would generously give him my spare cup holder with a copy of "Bicycling Street Smarts" tucked into it.

  5. Not to mention the stretch of Broadway between Prospect and Binney is like riding on the Moon, pavement-wise. The city really needs to do something about the old track under the street.

  6. Cambridge Cycle Chic! A helmet would ruin the effect.