Monday, February 4, 2013

Beacon Street Cycletrack 25% hearing tonight

I know that Beacon Street is having a lot of meetings recently, and advocates begging cyclists to show up to support better infrastructure can feel like boys crying wolf.  However, it's especially  important for cyclists to show up and support the cycletracks at these early meetings.  Once the cycletrack is locked into place as the "basic plan", things will get easier and it will start to be about details at intersections, and the plan for metering parking.

The meeting tonight is the Mass DOT 25% hearing.   Basically the meetings that have happened so far were all  part of Somerville's public process.  Since they're getting a lot of the money from Mass DOT, they have to go through Mass DOT's public process as well, and this is the first of those meetings.
It will be held at JFK Elementary School (5 Cherry St, Somerville)  at 6:30 PM

Unfortunately I won't be able to go tonight as I have a prior commitment,  but I'll be definitely writing a letter of support for the project:

Comments can be sent to Thomas F Broderick, PE,  Chief Engineer,
Mass DOT
10 Park Plaza,
Boston, MA 02116
Att  Project Management Section, Project File 607209

or electronically to

Comments must be mailed within 10 days of the hearing date.

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