Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Let me start by saying that I'm not one of those people who go overboard on holiday decorations. I have no ceramic christmas villages,  and no flashing lights or inflatable characters in my yard.
However, Boston got its first real snow of the season this weekend, and it got me in the holiday mood.
I was at Tags hardware and saw these battery powered LED lights,  perfect for adding a bit of holiday cheer to my ride for $4.99

They even have a strobe function , so I could technically call them a safety feature, but let's be realistic- they're just for fun!

Later in the day I saw a incandescent "regular Xmas lights"  version of this at the dollar tree store, if you wanted a real bargain.
Riding around I got a lot of looks and smiles,  so they seem to be a big hit.  The view without a flash:


  1. what an idea full of holiday cheer!!! i love it!

  2. Nice lights! I am pretty excited about the snow - though I was feeling sick on the day it fell and didn't ride my bike while the snow was on the ground. There will be more though and I look forward to experiencing it soon.

  3. I love them! I want some too! where is this tag's?


  4. The lights seemed to be a huge hit- especially on my ride home after dark. I got probably 20 compliments (from peds, other bikers, drivers) on them. This made it a bigger bummer when almost home, the lights started to flicker and then stopped completely. I'm not sure what the problem was- At first they would come back on when I shook them, then nothing. I took it apart and there don't seem to be any loose wires, and the batteries are still good. I'm going to take them back to Tags tonight (In Porter Sq, Vee) and see if they'll replace them.
    Sad though, because they were really quite fun,

  5. I really, really wants light like yours! Incredibly cute. My fellas would get the hugest kick out of them.

  6. Sara-
    Try an Ace hardware store- that's where I found mine, and they were "Ace" branded I believe.
    My first set had a failure after 24 hours ( a wire pulled out of one of the bulbs) but my hardware store exchanged them for me, and so far so good!