Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I feel justified...

rode to Harvard sq to pick up a zipcar this morning, and it was pretty brutal.  Instead of riding into work when I got back from the site, I decided to chicken out and take the T.  The temp had dropped 4 degrees from 8am to noon,  and it is supposed to get down to 12 this afternoon.  
What really made the difference was the crazy gusty wind that was just too much to tackle.  It was knocking me around even as a pedestrian,  and signs and trees were whipping back and forth.

How hard was it blowing? It blew a light pole down on the highway here- reducing it to one lane....

I feel more justified in being a wimp!

grrr- why does the text keep changing sizes-  I keep editing it, and for some reason it's half large and half small-  if this edit doesn't fix it I apologize and offer the explanation that I never was a very talented graphic designer...

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  1. it was crazy windy out. still is! it was a car kind of day for the kids and me.