Thursday, December 17, 2009

obligatory winter sucks post

It was 15 degrees this morning with gusty wind that the web tells me meant 6F windchill.  Of course I didn't check that until I got to work.
I thought about wearing a warmer jacket than normal, but my silver trenchcoat has been working pretty well,  so I just layered a wool cardigan over my dress shirt to bulk up the jacket,  and added an extra layer of liner gloves.  I thought about adding a ear warmer band, but decided not to worry with it, and just wrapped my big red scarf around my face a couple of times.  A really long scarf is a thing of beauty-  short scarves just don't tuck in properly and are always coming loose.

And you know,  despite the title of the post,  it wasn't too bad.  Was kind of annoying because I got passed too close a couple of times.  My toes were kind of chilly, and I'm going to wear wool socks home.  My fingers were pretty cold though- I'm going to have to break out the ski gloves.  I actually think that the liners were counterproductive, because they just compressed the insulation.
As my other biking co-worker said-  I was definitely warmer than the pedestrians!

Sun's out,  nice day for a ride!

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