Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the snow

Looks like I'm going to get a chance to ride in the snow, finally.
I debated if I should ride in today given the nearly 100% chance of snow.  Perhaps I wasn't thinking terribly clearly as I had awful insomnia last night.

They were saying 1" and I figured that would probably be doable.  I thought I'd try biking home on the Charles River paths too as some extra insurance (plus I need to stop at Trader Joe's for New Year's supplies).  Reading all the descriptions about how much fun people had in the Portland OR storm this week inspired me to give it a try.  I wore a trenchcoat to help keep my legs dry-and I also figured if I get damp, it'll be on the way home, so no biggie.

It's really coming down though, and the weather report is now forecasting 3" of snow which is a little more intimidating.  If I can get to Kendall and it's grim, I can always bail, park my bike under the Scientist's building and either T or catch a ride with him.  Heck, if necessary I can always walk the bike home, although I hope not to resort to that.


  1. how'd it go?

    I had to take the kids to the dentist in needham. It took me 45-50 minutes to drive back. I actually wished I was on a bike ( or my fav snowy transpo- the train!) as I was fishtailing all over and really not happy about feeling out of control of the car at any reasonable speed.