Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No Mojo Monday

So we got back from a Christmas trip to Springfeld Missouri late Sunday afternoon. I pretty much crashed out immediately and still hadn't completely recovered Monday morning( I HATE to fly and air travel stresses and exhausts me).  But it was reasonably warm (30 ish) and clear, so I climbed on newly repared Robert and took him commuting.

 It sure is  nice to have acceleration again, although some of my strong summer leg muscles have atrophied while I was spinning around the last month or so.  I finally had to get  him fixed because riding this time of year with ice and snow, you have to be more aggressive in taking the lane and it was getting unsafe not to be able to haul a$$.  However, between sluggish legs and icy roads it was a pretty slow slog in.  Almost all the way in I saw this- almost looks like this bike has its own tree.  

Although actually it's kind of sad-  Christmas is over for 36 hours and already the tree is in the trash.

I found someone's keys in the bike lane on my way and at lunch I took them to the gym that one of the key fobs was from.   It was sprinkling lightly when I set out.  But by the time I got back it was coming down and my jacket and the thighs of my pants were soaked, so it was a chilly afternoon at my desk.

By the time I left for home, it was dry fortunately, but cold and really windy. I normally stop at lights with one toe down, but after nearly getting blown over twice, I  had to put a foot firmly down. Coming around the corner at Charles Circle I hit both an icy spot and a serious gust of crosswind that pushed me sideways. Iceskating on a bike!! Fortunately I had enough momentum to carry me through it and the rest  of my  ride was  cold and windy but uneventful.

It was nice to settle in with the Scientist who was at home all day sick with what we hope is not the flu.  We hooked up our new Roku video streaming and watched All the President's Men, which was a great way to end a long day.

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  1. It used to be that Christmas trees stayed up through New Year, but now I sometimes see them discarded on Boxing Day - depressing.

    Bicycle ice skating? Oh no; not my idea of fun at all!