Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So this is the reason I haven't been posting much lately- When you live in 1500 sf,  and suddenly 300 SF of that "disappears"  things get crowded.
All the basement furniture that could be moved is up in the living room, such that there is no room for living (although the Scientist tried)

Everything else (too heavy to move upstairs, too fragile to be left out under a tarp ended up in the basement hall) Including the 1938 Lady's Tourist.  I blew a fuse, and had to literally crawl over everything to get back into the furnace room way back there.

But, everything is done being finished now,  just have to put in and paint the baseboards,  then we'll be ready to move things back down!  OH, am I ready to have the basement 


  1. That's got to be a huge relief to be near the end!! I was thinking about you last week when our basement showed signs of a new damp spot in a spot where we've been struggling with drainage issues for years. We thought it was fixed with the installation of a new patio and sidewalk (which included much work on grading around the house.) If we had to move both my guy's man-cave contents upstairs I might just completely loose my sh%t!

  2. Good luck, and keep the faith- I have had to do much the same due to a total rebuild & refit of my garage into a workspace.
    As soon as that part is over, *then* I get to tackle the basement!

    Nice job on the cork floor, by the way.