Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On the bike path

It's been super humid and pretty warm (87 when I left work last night, 79 when I was biking in).  My co-worker described it as biking through clam chowder- the air so thick you can see it. To beat the heat, I've been riding a lot on the bike path along the river.  I go slow enough to not heat up so much, and take off my helmet.

I saw this pair of tourists taking in the sights by bike.  I think that I overheard some Italian,  and they "looked Italian".  I hope that the bike share makes more tourists decide to explore Boston by bike, because it seems like a nice way to take in the city.


  1. Ughh, I just wish it wasn't so narrow, potholey, and noisy.

  2. On Sunday I took the commuter rail in, and I saw about 8 people riding past on UrbanAdventours rental bikes.

  3. I'd suggest riding the other side of the river if you want to beat the heat. lots of nice shade.