Wednesday, August 11, 2010

French Find

I passed this woman on the Longfellow, and loved her bike so much that I stopped further on, and got my camera ready so that I could lie in wait and get some pictures at the next light.

She said that she got it at Bikes not Bombs.  I'm not a mixtie expert, but this one looks like a step above your average Peugeot.  The tube says Cyril Guimard (in pristine letters).

 Look at that fantastic  front light!  And the fork crown lugs!
I could have taken a lot of pictures, but as they were stopped in the street, I didn't want to test her patience.  What a lovely find!


  1. that is an unmistakably french front fender and headlight... but i've never heard of that name. very nice, indeed!

  2. What a lovely Mixte!!! I want one sooo bad its almost pathetic:) The blue on hers is pretty much the shade of blue I'm looking for too. What a great find for her!!

    P.S. The light on her front fender is ingenious!!

  3. The internet told me that there is a famous French pro cyclist named Cyrille Guimard, but no mention of a line of bikes named (almost) for him.

  4. My French friend Cyril is sadly about to leave Boston. He will miss us all, but he won't miss our misunderstanding his name, most often changed to a quizzical "Cereal???"

    Lovely mixte!