Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've seen this biketruck around a couple of times but never been able to get a picture.

I chatted a moment with the rider for just a moment,  and it's a project of the city of Cambridge to collect the recycling from bins on the street using bikes as the collection vehicle.  A lot of the dense city squares (Harvard, Porter, Central) have on street recycling cans,  and no parking, so this is probably a pretty efficient way to empty them.  It's a Metro-Pedal Power bike.  It seems like they've gotten to be a pretty big business here- I'd love to go see their facility sometime and see what all they're up to.
I like the wheels, although I couldn't quite make out what they said.

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  1. Interesting idea--for what it's worth, the wheels say, which (being insanely curious) I looked up and it seems to be a company that makes bike/rickshaw type vehicles in the UK.