Friday, July 29, 2011

Steampunk bike

I'm not normally into "freak bikes"  Although I understand the fascination with tinkering and reshaping the definition of  what can be considered a bicycle, many of them have such awkward proportions or deliberately hard to ride designs that they're mostly a curiosity.  This bike has a steampunk sensibility and attention to elegant craftsmanship that to me take it a step up from just being freaky.

The curves of the frame, and the monochromatic palette help tip the scales away from "freak".  Lucky to find two matching fenders for such different wheels.

I think that the fork/ rack connection is particularly simple 

Ok, so some of it was a bit freaky......

When I was taking the pictures, I thought this was a vintage Miller light, which I covet. However, it might just be a batter operated cheapie that's been spray painted.  I remember the reflector being more complicated and faceted than the cheapies, but I can't really tell from my backlit photo.

The steering wheel- I wonder how it handles?


  1. That looks like a SCUL bike.

    They have some freaky cool rigs.

  2. Its my friend's bike she works at Broadway Bicycle School her name is Ashlie

  3. Yeah, that bike is owned by a SCUL member, and I usually see the bike locked up on Somerville Ave, near my house (which also happens to be near SCUL HQ). I've never seen this bike ridden, it must be a hoot!

  4. that is an interesting bike

  5. I see that bike all the time as well! Always liked it. The builder has a great aesthetic sense.