Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You know those well educated cars?

You know, the ones with three or four stickers from Ivy League colleges in the back window?  Extra points if they're a mid-80's volvo wagon?

Who knew there was a bike equivalent?


  1. My bikes didn't go to no stinkin' schools. I educated them myself!

    It's funny that Volvo wagons should have such a connection with highly-educated people. There's a section of North London called "Volvotown." A lot of Orthodox Jews, and their large families, live there. Hence, Volvo wagons are seen as the vehicles of families with a bevy of kids.

  2. is this part of the school's registration program? if so, my school should do this too!

  3. I like that. I almost want to bike all the way to work just for a BIDMC bike parking sticker.... Except no stickers on my bike.....