Sunday, September 18, 2011

Luxe bike parking and private bike share

At the Harvard law school I saw this fabulous Miesian bike shelter:

Gilbert was so jealous.....and wants me to remodel his shed so that it's more glamorous.  Although given recent events he may be happy to be in any shelter!

I suppose they wouldn't help much if the wind was from the south, but they're awfully nice looking, and any roof over my bike is a good roof!  They also have a law school only bike share- I don't know if there are other locations, but it looks like you check out the key to the lock from a staff person, and then could ride it somewhere on an errand, lock it up there, and then ride back.

At some of the dorms I've seen a new bike share called "Crimson Bikes"  which, like the HLS program seems to have repurposed refurbished abandoned bikes for a student only bike share.

I think that they're relying on them being homely and mismatched to keep them from being stolen,  and it might work, but the history of such informal bike sharing programs has not been great.  
Still, it will help fill the gap until Hubway gets a foothold on this side of the river.


  1. Their bike-share looks like LEED point mining more than a practical system.

  2. I was just browsing and saw this post. Very cool blog! I actually run CrimsonBikes and you'd be surprised. Our program was started in 2009 with $80 and four bikes and we now operate with $35. without any outside funding and we've been self sustaining since we began. Check us out: