Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New "couplet" bike lanes downtown

And the bike lanes keep on coming!

Was pleased to find new bike lanes on the paired one way streets of High and Franklin running from Broad   to Washington/ Downtown Crossing.

These streets were plenty wide to accommodate a bike lane, but not wide enough for two car lanes, so  a bike lane is a perfect addition.  Also, these streets provide a nice alternative to the greenway for bikers coming from the South Station area to Faneuil Hall and the financial district.

As I've complained about the lack of facilities on the greenway, I'm glad that these provide a good alternative and hope they will get used a lot by hubway users.   I think that there needs to be better signage though (although it may be in the works) to direct non-locals from S. Station to these routes.

1 comment:

  1. The bike lane looks like the left edge is outside the door zone, but the RIGHT line should be four feet from those car and small truck doors. I'm sure that even the police would concede a cyclist might need to move left outside the lane to avoid that truck in the bottom photo.