Sunday, January 22, 2012


Proof that I am not the only person to bike to Home Depot.

Gilbert almost always has the bike rack to himself at HD,  which I totally understand.  For a lot of people it's a place you go to get 4x8 sheets of plywood, or 40 pound bags of cement or mulch or whatever  It's also kind of in a suburban (for Boston) location with a lot of easy free parking,  and although it's close to the river bike path,  the two block stretch of road that connects them is kind of gnarly,  with one of those 5 way intersections that's hard to see what's coming at you.

But last weekend (when it was in the teens even)  I stopped by to pick up some wiremold that I'm using to locate an outlet at my desk in our guest bedroom.  And although the bike rack was empty,  someone had done a quick park and lock in the cart area:

Hope they were getting something small like lightbulbs, because that doesn't look like it has much in the way of carrying capacity!


  1. I wish my Home Depot had a bike rack... I always end up walking through the store with my bike :)

    1. They have two at mine- a "wheelbender" at the employee entrance, and a U-wave type which isn't actually attached to the ground nearer the entrance. I take the risk and lock to the U type one, on the hope that no one is going to steal the entire 8' long metal rack just to get one anonymous looking city bike.

  2. From Philly and I bike to Home Depot. Although, never when it's under 50 degrees :(


  3. At a casual glance, that looks like a multi-gear bike with no rear brake as well.

  4. I know that 5 way intersection all too well, as it is part of my commute... avoiding the contractors taking a right out of the HD parking lot against the red is always fun :P

  5. Oh, I totally used to bike over to the Arsenal Mall Home Depot when I lived in Belmont (and also the Target across the way). Last week, I had taken a morning detour to the UPS pickup office in Somerville, and along the way I crossed paths with a fellow riding an ANT FrontLoadOntoMe who was also on his way to the Assembly Square Home Depot.

    That 5 way and two block run between the Arsenal and the river, also was a standard feature of any evening trip to/from meeting friends in Allston or Brookline. It's even more fun at night when long chunks of that road were unlit and there are massive bumps to negotiate in the dark.

  6. I leave my bike in the cart area by the exit. I haven't seen a bike rack or other bicycles in DE or southern PA. (I'm not usually at HD or Loewe's in Philadelphia so I've missed anonymous. 10:18)