Wednesday, February 29, 2012

33 and Raining

So far the snow has mostly held off, but we're getting a fairly ferocious winter storm today/tomorrow.  It's mostly been my least favorite New England weather- 33 F and raining- blech!

I was all ready to give myself an out.  I was either going to walk to the T, or ride to the T and take my bike on the T home.  But once I got out, it didn't seem so bad after all- just spitting, not really raining hard.
So next thing I knew I was halfway home.

I just wanted to report that this weather is where my new trench coat excels.   It was the perfect warmth,  was absolutely waterproof,  and covered me to the tops of my kneecaps.  The bottom 1/2" of my skirt got damp (although not soaked), and my tights were wet on the tops of my knees, but the rest of me was just fine.
The brim of the Yakkay worked well to keep stuff out of my face as well.
We need a local distributor of Yakkay, because I've had tons of interest in them from people I've met, not just at bike events, but randomly on the street.


  1. The US distributor of Yakkay is MA-based. It's Will at

    The ice and snow and slush are horrible and totally ruining my training plans for a century at the end of this month, grr.

    Glad the trench coat is working out well, getting milage out of it is certainly a silver lining to this weather!

  2. I wish some local shops would carry them then- lots of people ask me about them, and I wish there was somewhere local I could refer them to.
    It may be that there is a local place and I just haven't seen it yet...