Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction

I wore a new dress to work the other day,  and as I was rushing out the door, I realized that there was a lot of open space below the last button on a not terribly long skirt.   I looked in vain for a safety pin, and then headed out the door.   It's a good thing that the zipper on my Nau trench goes all the way to the bottom of the coat, because when I unzipped when I was almost at work, I realized that the skirt had ridden so high that I could see the nose of the saddle.  Not a good look, even with opaque tights.

So I pulled over and zipped back up enough for my coat to cover my legs.  Better to be warm than a flasher!

I felt a bit like Angelina Jolie, showing too much leg- my leg being a bit less shapely than hers :) And black tights being more modest!  Speaking of which,  the funniest of the "Angie's right leg" meme's I've seen:

Think I'm going to sew a couple of quick stitches at the bottom of the hem and make it a more closed hem before I ride the bike in it :)


  1. What kind of coat is that?

    1. I reviewed the Nau trenchcoat here