Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting there

The other night on a quick trip to the grocery store I saw the following:

A man in bright red-orange pants, curly hair flopping in the breeze, riding a step through bike with coat guards.

Two men arriving at the store with new bikes which looked like they came with dynamo lighting as a standard feature.

A grandmotherly looking woman riding down a residential street, helmetless.

A 20 something guy riding with a young lady sitting sideways on his bike rack.

So Cambridge is not Amsterdam yet,  but I'm seeing lots of the things you see there,  which makes me very very happy.


  1. Y'all are getting ahead of us. It is rare to see anybody outside a car in Cambridge Crossing, Southlake, Texas. Note to self - must put that mirror on my bike in case I need reminding of what a cyclist looks like!

  2. Is it a fair weather phenomenon possibly? A crisp fall ride before the cold winds blow?

    1. It was actually kind of cold and damp that evening, so I'm not sure that was the reason.

  3. I love noticing all types of people out riding bikes. Hope for the future!