Wednesday, September 12, 2012


There's a good series of lectures at the Harvard Kennedy school about Public infrastructure called "Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and Bikes).  Last year they were all in the middle of the afternoon, so it was tough for me to get there from downtown,  but this year they've moved them all to 4:30-6PM, so I might be able to make it to a few.
The schedule:

·         September 19     Seth Moulton, Managing Director-Lone Star High-Speed Rail (Taubman 401, 4:00-5:30)
·         September 26     Carl Dietrich, CEO/CTO and Co-Founder-Terrafugia (Taubman 401, 4:30-6:00) [to be confirmed]
·         October 3              Gerry Mooney, general manager, IBM Global Smarter Cities-IBM (Taubman 401, 4:30-6:00)
·         October 10            Josh Robin,  Director of Innovation at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority  (Taubman 401, 4:30-6:00)
·         October 15            John Pucher, professor of planning and public policy-Rutgers University, and author of City Cycling (MIT Press 2012) (Room TBA, 4:30-6:00)
·         October 17            Steve Poftak, Executive Director-The Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston (Taubman-Allison Dining Room/5th floor, 4:30-6:00)
·         October 24            Carl Allen, Director of Transportation, Boston Public Schools (Taubman-Allison Dining Room/5th floor, 4:30-6:00)
·         October 31            Aaron Naparstek, founder-Streetsblog, and Paul White, Executive Director-Transportation Alternatives  (Taubman 401, 4:30-6:00)
·         November  7        Rachel Kaprielian, Registrar of Motor Vehicles-Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Taubman 401, 4:30-6:00)
·         November 14       Mark Joseph,  Chief Executive Officer-Veolia Transportation (Taubman 401, 4:30-6:00)

If you are interested in participating and/or would like more information, contact John Foote at For up to date information see the "events" section of the Taubman Center website-

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  1. I hope you will make a point of letting us know your impressions of the Lone Star Rail item. I visited their website and I confess I'm perplexed. Is it a fraud or is it real? They claim they will do it with private funding but all their phones are in DC. Inquiring minds want to know!