Monday, September 10, 2012

Scul Mission: Spokesfest Civilian Escort

I wasn't able to go to Spokesfest 2012 on Saturday, because as an anniversary present, the Scientist took me out to see a play at the American Repertory Theater, which was happening at the same time.  We've been saying we need to go check out the ART for years, and finally we made it happen, but it was too bad that there was a conflict.

The part of Spokesfest that I was really bummed about missing ride with Scul,  since I'm too vanilla to feel confident showing up at one of their regular "missions"   But if I showed up as part of the "civilians"  at Spokes, I thought I could maybe sneak my utilitarian retro-grouch bike in with all the cool bikes without being too obviously out of place.

It turns out that I did get to see the "mission" go by, as we were just getting home as they hit Harvard Sq.   It also started to pour just as they were arriving, so the video is from my front porch, which isn't quite as close up as I'd like, but it's still fun to see the fun bikes go by.   I did see a fair number of "civilians"  although the ranks may have been thinned by the rain.

My favorites are the guy with the Disco ball at about 0:16 and the last guy.  Unfortunately I didn't manage to record sound (or probably had my finger on the microphone).  It's unfortunate because that's a big part of the Scul experience- thumping disco that you can hear from blocks away.


  1. the somerville dance party is co-produced by scul this year. come dance under the disco ball bike this saturday!

    Meet Under McGrath :)

  2. Disco ball guy is 'Skunk', leader of the gang.