Friday, January 18, 2013

Iced Coffee

This morning was the coldest day of the winter yet that I've ridden, at 19 degreesF. (There was a super cold day two weeks ago, but I was still hacking up pieces of lung back then).

I prepared for the cold ride with Falke wool sweater leggings,  thick smartwool hiking socks,  a thin ibex undershirt (long sleeve) a cotton jersey dress and a pair of knee high leather boots.

Over that I wore my Nau trench coat, my normal helmet, "ear pods"  earwarmers,  a scarf wrapped around my lower face and throat and a pair of "ski gloves" with liner gloves.

My toes were a bit cold- wish I'd worn two pairs of socks, or foot warmers,  but other than that everything was perfectly warm.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for my coffee-  I must have spilled a bit, and it froze before it could run all the way down the side of the mug.

The coffee inside was reasonably warm, but I still put it in a normal mug and re-warmed it in the microwave.


  1. Twas beastly this morning. We can learn from each other:

    From me: I have solved the coffee problem by making a jerry-built all surface blanket out of some packing material (not bubble wrap but not styrofoam either) and packing tape - sort of like the old hot water heater blankets. And I keep my mug in my pannier - not on my handlebars. It stays hot.

    From you: My fingers are my Achilles heel. I have bicycling gloves - great for rain, but I should follow your lead and go with ski gloves and liners. After all, gloves designed for skiiers should perform better on days like this than gloves designed for bicyclists. I've avoided mittens thinking they give less control, but maybe I'm too pessimistic. I like the thought of less surface area and the enmittened pinkies mutually supporting each other.