Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snowy ride survival

It went Ok, although my cream wool pants might not have been the best choice for Thursday's weather- they're going to need a trip to the drycleaner-hopefully that will get out the spots on the back of the legs- I'm not sure how I got spots on the BACK of my legs actually. It might have been from walking from the bike rack to the front door of Whole Foods where I stopped on my way home. The ride itself was pretty smooth- I went slowly and there was really not much traffic on the road, and most of that was being extra cautious anyway. The street my office was on was a bit dicey and I fishtailed a bit, but the heavy bike and the slow speed meant I felt reasonably in control. After that the roads were sloppy, but not terribly slick until just a couple of blocks from home where I cut across on some side streets, and those were firm packed snow- not too bad.

I was glad to get home though, and have been hunkered down for most of the rest of the weekend- fighting off the Scientist's cold and being glad not to be out in the follow up snowstorm!

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  1. That's one thing I hate about winter cycling - the dry-cleaning bills :)