Friday, February 5, 2010

Practical Pedal

I'm as guilty as the next cycle blogger of slobbering over an every detail considered, aesthetically beautiful bicycle.
But sometimes pretty is as pretty does, and there's something compelling about a completely utilitarian functional machine:

Like this load carrying machine I spotted outside the Market Basket earlier this week.
It's ready to carry a kid, a load of groceries, and a laptop home without any fuss or muss.

It's got an odd stump of a saddle, that doesn't look comfortable to me, but looks like the product of a lot of trial and error and thousands of miles of perfecting the right thing for this specific person.


  1. Xtracycle conversion. I'm going to do one when my middle daughter renounces any claim to her hybrid bike.

  2. And the handle bars are wrapped in duct tape.

  3. "for this specific person", LOL...

    i actually know the owner of that bike! (our kids overlapped in a co-op). he lives in cambridgeport. the bike certainly is one improvi-techno tour de force, i will say that...

  4. That looks like a noseless saddle, to relieve perineal/vaginal discomfort. Personally I think there are better ways of doing that, but if the person finds it comfortable, that is great. I wonder how it feels to ride a bicycle with such long chainstays.