Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Notes

So much for the snowpocolypse-  My favorite name so far for the Winter Storm that wasn't is "NO'easter"
It was downright balmy on my ride in- I went in just a down vest and long sleeve Tshirt (and skirt, tights and boots) and it was 39 at lunch when I ran errands.

Riding home tonight the candy factory on Main street was making butterscotch candies.  I love living near a candy factory- it makes me feel like an extra in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Kudos to the Management and Valet parking service at Cragie on Main.  When they first opened there were a lot of problems with cars being left in the bike lane.  I went in and complained to the hostess, and wrote an email, and not only did I get a nice email from the owner back, but I've never seen a car valet parked in the bike lane since.

So I'm off for a week of trying not to break anything as I slide down snowy slopes with a pair of boards strapped to my feet.
I'm suspecting that there won't be either many bikes, or lots of access to a computer for posting, but I'll post if I see anything interesting (I have a lead on a vintage rack that I may post about).


  1. Thanks for all of your efforts to keep the streets clear! I just starting cycling again in December, so I'm suddenly much more aware of the state of the pavement in my neighborhood.

    PS I was the girl who tapped you on the shoulder at the end of the Livable Streets talk last week! Your shiny jacket is very distinctive.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Margo-I'm sorry we couldn't chat- I had to race home to let the dog out because the Scientist couldn't get home in time that evening. Next time we'll definitely have to get to know each other!

    I rode on the bike path this morning so I don't know if they ever cleared the 1'x 2' chunk of asphalt from the bike lane at Main and Broadway- Hopefully it will be gone by the time I get back!

  3. Oh no! A "lazy two planker!" Hey, look at it this way. Someday, you may be able to step up to a snowboard and catch some air.

  4. Super! I'm margonaute now. If we do cross paths again, I'll have the bike with the pink pom-poms!

  5. Hey Steve,
    It was already asking a lot of my poor nervous system to learn to ski in my 30's (not much call for learning snow sports in Houston).
    And honestly I'm not that interested in "catching air" I'm actually just doing all I can to keep the skis on the snow and pointed more or less in the right direction. I learned at Alta when we lived in Utah, and snowboards weren't really an option. Plus I ski with a group that are really old school (several of them are european) and I don't think trying to pick up the snowboard is gonna happen at this point.

  6. The weather in Chicago was about as warm today. I was tempted to take off my overcoat halfway to work, but that would have left me in a short-sleeved tshirt.

    I hope you had a great vacation! All of these Olympics are making me curious about winter sports.