Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Advocacy Alert

Anyone riding in the Boston area is familiar with how lousy bike access across the river is.  Since the bridges are choke points, there's a lot of traffic (auto, pedestrian, bicycle) trying to get across them all.
In the past, the auto was the only vantage point really considered, which has resulted in a couple of bridges (Western Ave,  River Street,  BU, JFK)  which range from intimidating and unpleasant to dangerous for those crossing by bike.

Mass DOT is in the  planning stages of rehabilitating the Western Ave and River Street bridges and now is the time for bikers to make their voices heard.
The meeting Wednesday 2/03/2010 is at the Honan-Allston library at 300 North Harvard street from 6pm to 8pm.   More information and talking points here, courtesy of livable streets

Getting across both these bridges is awful for bikes-  please try to make it to establish support for bike accommodations here! And just in case you feel like our voices won't be heard- I was at a meeting considering the bridge rennovation at the Museum of Science,  and the large number of bikers and their moving statements made an impact on the somewhat hostile planning staff of DCR, and I've been told that they plan on incorporating a bicycle lane in a project that previously forced bikes onto the heavily trafficked sidewalk there.

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  1. Well thought out and designed bike infrastructure at choke points like you describe, and connections to allow short cuts are the most valuable bike infrastructure around. Each of those are a gem and valuable to all cyclists.