Tuesday, February 9, 2010


A couple of images from the bike lane at Main and Broadway

I reported the debris to the DPW Friday, and they sent me an email yesterday saying that they'd have someone take care of it.  Hopefully they'll sweep up some of the gravel while they're at it.
They fixed some potholes along here in the car lanes, and the gravel from the patches is really bad in the bike lane.


  1. They respond to complaints about shoulder debris in Cambridge? We don't even have shoulders that wide.

  2. Well, it's designated as a bike lane not a shoulder, and yes, they mostly do take care of stuff like that. It's a well travelled bike lane that feeds a bridge into Boston- one of the two that are reasonably bike friendly. There were three bikes at the light there this morning. I'd guess that there are 60-90 bikes going through there during rush hour on a day where the weather is halfway decent.