Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elegant red mixtie

This woman was so elegant in her dress trousers as she waited to enter traffic at Charles Circle.
Unfortunately I was basically in motion, so the photo isn't the best.
I'm lucky that in Cambridge (and Boston) there are an increasing number of people who ride in their work clothes, and I'm resolved to try to capture more pictures of them doing it.  Bear with me as I learn to do it better


  1. I don't see many people biking in regular work clothes in Flagstaff and I don't know why. We enjoy very low humidity so one can easily arrive at work perspiration free, even in the middle of the summer. And yes, she does look very elegant.

  2. Ah yes, she does the "one toe touches the ground" thing like me!

    I was so embarrassed that you had to lower the saddle for me when I rode your bike the other day : ))