Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mysteries solved and unsolved

Saw this lying beside the bike path

And then a couple hundred yards further

and then a couple of hundred yards beyond that

Did someone deconstruct their bike on this section of the bike path?
Were they unconnected?  Was it some art installation? Guess I'll never know

On the other hand, I solved the mystery of the intermittent high pitched rubbing noise- my kickstand had come loose and was rubbing against the rear tire.   Easily fixed with a wrench, and a bit of threadlocker.


  1. Seems pretty clear the bike was eaten by a predator of some kind.

  2. Given that it's springtime, the bike shed its old components and grew new ones.

    Glad that the rubbing mystery is solved! Do you feel a difference in ride quality?

  3. I fixed it and then put it away for the night, so we'll see tomorrow if it's considerably easier to ride.

  4. One mystery solved, another comes up. How odd! In a funny way :)