Monday, April 5, 2010

Stopping to smell the flowers

My Daffodils are finally blooming!
It seems like they're the last on the block, because my yard has only a northern exposure,  but at long last, and for a short few days, I have bright yellow blooms to begin my day!

On my ride in (at mid-day because of an early meeting that required a car) Robert  just had to stop and admire this fantastic grove of cherry trees.
I wore my favorite blue and white flowered dress (I liked it so much that I bought two!)

Even the tiny little sucker sprouts are blooming

How lucky I am to be able to bike on a day like today!


  1. Hey, I was on the CRL at around 5pm today, cycling past the same trees! Robert looks happy : )

  2. beautiful shot of robert by the cherry trees! it's been euphoric riding these past few days!