Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Close Encounters

Was biking home, and pulled up behind another rider stopped at a light near MIT.
I was admiring his seat stays- they were fetchingly curved,  and I was wondering if that was some kind of "aero" fad, or just decorative.  As I was thinking of pulling out my camera, and a bit worried about taking a picture of some random guy's tush,  I realized-

It was the Scientist!

I suppose he wouldn't have minded if I took a picture.
But instead we rode home together.
It was a  lovely night,  much cooler than this morning- perfect for riding with someone you love!


  1. This has happened to me before. Hilarious!

    Isn't the weather PERFECT?

  2. Written as true connoisseur of BICYCLE frames!

  3. to answer your original question -- the idea behind curved seat stays is that it should provide better shock absorption than straight stays and some modicum of suspension. The science on that is fairly quirky and suspect, and for bum comfort, you're likely to get more value from running tires rated for a lower PSI or a more conforming saddle -- but it lingers purely as an aesthetic detail. They sure can be fetching.

    From time to time, the Girl and I will manage to intersect our commutes at the Star Market that's just a mile from our apartment and ride home together. She's not nearly comfortable enough to ride in close proximity so that we can hold hands on the way in, but I dream of being able to do that on some evenings.

  4. Wow, that is pretty funny! I've only experienced what you might say is the opposite - I'll be cycling and think the Co-Habitant is behind me, so I say something to him without turning around... only to realise that it is a different man on a bike : )