Sunday, February 27, 2011

Around Harvard Sq

I've seen lots of unusual bikes around Harvard sq in the last week or so- most excitingly a petite Nihola cargo trike.  Looks more suitable for a dense area without dedicated bike parking than others I've seen.  The kid area might be pretty cramped for more than one kid through

This  bike has some DIY hand fairings. Hope they're useful because they don't do much for the looks of the bike!  Don't see a lot of recumbents around here- I would guess that the issues with starting and stopping in traffic and the lower visibility would make them less than ideal in the city unless you really had a hard time riding an upright..

And this "freak bike."  This orange is very eye catching, and it looks like it was wrapped in tape or something before painting.  The fact that it's seatless makes me think it's more art project then transportation.

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  1. While walking around the Square yesterday, I saw a Dawes conversion with a broken downtube near Burdick's. Sad fractured bike. Later that evening, while in Inman Square, we also saw a neat black postal bike parked across from 1369.