Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last minute notice-strike that!

Evidently my reading comprehension skills have been aversely affected by PVC solvent fumes from the kitchen.  The Western Ave meeting is MARCH 15.  I showed up and was confused, until Google showed me that the meeting was not  for another month.

If you're interested- you have plenty of time to make plans to be there!

Another public meeting on the design of the Western Ave Cycle Track in Cambridge tonight- March 15th- 7 Pm at the Senior Center on Mass Ave in Central Square.  More info HERE

I didn't go to the open house on Sunday (despite free food- a nice touch to try to get more community participation) because I was getting sick,  but I believe they are supposed to have developed the design another layer to get more information about intersection design, which is going to be critical here.

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