Monday, February 14, 2011

oooooh Baby!

For Valentine's Day I gave my sweetheart a long hot bath, scrubbing every inch of him.
Then I rubbed him dry with  big fluffy towel, making sure every bit of him was  dry.
I gave him a nice slow rubdown with polish, pumped up his tires, and added a bit of oil to his chain.

Hope I didn't make The Scientist jealous!
It's really nice to have a nice clean bike!


  1. This post sounded so racy I was afraid to read it. Now I find it really IS racy, but in a different way. I'll have to give Buddy a little scrub behind the ears myself.

    Speaking of which, does The Scientist regularly read your blog?

  2. After reading just the first sentence, I was convinced you were going to reveal it was your dog who received the valentine's treat!

  3. heh ... the day before Valentines was marked with a threesome in our basement, cleaning the Raleigh, ANT and silentq's Marin.

    Nothing says romance like grease, dirty fingernails and a quietly running chain.

  4. I rode in today (was sick yesterday) and I need to get out the WD40 because there's some water in the shifter somehow, it's not shifting smoothly. Hopefully a day drying out in the office and a little WD40 in the shifter cable housing will return it all to rights. I should also check to make sure that it's not gotten off it's reference mark..

  5. Just don't use that WD-40 on your chin!

  6. LOL. My bike really needs that kind of special treatment with all of this salt and mud everywhere.

  7. Yowza! You know how to treat a bike right:)