Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cambridge's Finest

I was riding home on Main street between MIT and Central, and there was a cab parked in the bike lane, despite there being tons of open parking spots.  I growled under my breath,  checked for traffic and rode around him.   But three or four cars past that was a police car, parked in a normal spot while the officer checked something on his computer.  I rode by, then stopped and circled back.  I knocked on his window and said "Can I ask you a favor?"   "I can ask that cab to move out of the bike lane, but I bet he'll pay a lot more attention if YOU do it."   The silver haired, crinkly blue eyed officer smiled and said, Sure,  I'll do it.

I wasn't sure if he meant right then, or whenever he finished what he was doing, and I didn't want to sit there impatiently,  so I thanked him,  told him "that would make my day" and started to turn around to ride off.  Immediately he got out of his car and whistled to get the cabbie's attention, walking towards him.
I didn't stick around, but when I looked back, the cab had pulled into a parking spot to wait.

Win!  Thanks to Cambridge's finest,  who I have nothing but good experiences with.


  1. awesome! and way to be 100% polite about the whole thing.

    amazing how subtle the difference is in the way you asked, and not just "'scuse me, could you ask that cab to move out of the bike lane?"

  2. That's an awesome story! Hurray for Cambridge cops!!!

  3. THIS post illustrates a profound truth about dealing with police. Dealing with them when they see YOU as a law situation is entirely different than when they see YOU as tipping them off to a law situation to deal WITH. I'll bet that officer went home thinking kind thoughts about cyclists, too.

  4. Wow, that is great! I kinda have a crush on the crinkley blue-eyed cop now. ;)

    I've had nothing but good experiences with Chicago's finest, too, although nothing quite that awesome. Well, the time a bike cop knocked on the window of a driver chatting on her cell and made the "hang up your phone" sign was awesome, but that was a bike cop, so not sure it counts the same.

  5. Hey, Heels... Can you shoot me your email address?