Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Came out of work to find this LBB(little black bike) parked just outside.

Ok, so it's not necessarily little,  but it's got the minimal simplicity of a perfect little black dress-  matte finish black paint and a suite of black accessories.

I don't really know much about fetish components,  but it looks like this bike has all the "big names"   Chris King headset, Phil Wood hub.

Does the Full Suit chainring mean it's an ANT?  Or are other bikes using that now?   It didn't have an ANT headbadge,  which might be a good thing- the typical patinated copper  might detract from the simplicity of the color scheme (unless it too was painted black).

The army green seatbag and the red chain are the perfect tiny touch of color to set off the black.


  1. Hmmm, nice saddlebag.

    I like the idea of a LBB : ) Unfortunately, I only have HBBs (huge black bikes), but I'm okay with that.

  2. I think Paul Components make that chain ring.

  3. The track-style fork ends with wheel tensioners also look like Paul.

  4. I remember being in Hawaii a couple of years ago, and spending a whole day to ride my bike around Oahu. At some point, I stopped in a bike shop to get a spare tube after flatting earlier in the day, and the wrench took one look at the Club Racer and immediately asked, "hey, is that an IF?"

    I told him it was a good guess and that I was genuinely impressed that someone could spot an "IF heritage" bike halfway around the world, and he said that he could tell by the welds.

    Nowadays, I can be sprinting through traffic on my way to work, and I'll find myself stopping, turning around and walking back because I'll see a bike out of the corner of my eye and think it's one of Mike's. A few times it's a Broadway Bike, but there are definitely a couple of ANTs that I've seen, chained up to racks or posts in Downtown or Kendall.

    Which is a roundabout way of opining that, judging by the frame, I can't say if it's a Mike Flanigan (I'd need more detail on the seat cluster) but it credibly looks like a custom job. If not Mike, then possibly Geekhouse, Hot Tubes or an unbranded, stealth IF.

    I do _love_ that front crank, though.

  5. Sweet ride. Some flat black paint would quickly fix the front of that helmet.