Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last night I took advantage of the warmest temperatures yet this spring to ride home along the river, which I haven't done for a while.  Since I don't mind going slow and enjoying the scenery, I don't mind sharing the path with joggers and perambulators.  I enjoyed watching the sailboats, out for what must be one of the first voyages of the season, and generally enjoying the last evening light.
At the store, I just couldn't resist a mini-bouquet of daffodils, which tucked nicely in my basket- I love this opening, designed for inserting fish,  but which I use for sunglasses, keys, and now flowers.

Today with highs in the low 50's, I saw a TON of riders out, lots of pent up demand.
I had the wonderful experience of going to a job site meeting at which I was not the only person to arrive by bike!  The jobsite is in Beacon Hill, very close to the T and in a neighborhood utterly without parking.  The structural engineer took 25 minutes to find a parking spot,  but it only took me 10 minutes to get from my desk to the job.  The other person to arrive by bike was the interior decorator (!)  who I actually knew was a bike person because I run into her every once in a while at events.  I had worked with her years ago, and recommended her to the client based on her style and way of working more than the bike thing,  but it was awfully fun not to be the only person there coming and going by bike.  I wished I had gotten a photo- next time I will!

Edited -  I just looked at the weather and it's going to be almost 70 tomorrow!!!!!! I can't wait!


  1. Hurray for the weather! Just don't look past Saturday. :(

  2. When you first mentioned the path, I thought you picked the daffodils there and thought "already? " but of course, not quite yet. Oh I can't wait till the flowers are in full bloom!

  3. Yesterday was the first day since christmas that there was another bike on the rack at work besides mine.

  4. It's pretty dreamy, isn't it? I played hooky yesterday afternoon to go for a long bike ride and I think I had a big dumb smile on my face all afternoon.