Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In like a Lamb?

After a week away (skiing and paying court to the world's cutest 2 1/2 year old)  I was so happy to get back on the bike.   Time change chaos, kitchen rennovations and freezing rain drove me to to the train on Monday,  but I rode yesterday and today, and it was entirely lovely- sunny and 40 degree-ish!

The bike lanes are still clogged with ice floes, but at least you can start to see them and duck in to them from time to time to let traffic pass.  And it felt so warm!  I rode Monday in a skirt, wool tights, a button down shirt, a down vest and gloves, and had to unzip the vest halfway there.   I finally found my winter liner for my bern helmet to use it as a ski helmet,  and honestly it's a bit too warm for use on these early spring days.   It would have been nice to have on some of those 21 degree mornings though.

This morning, I rode in a skirt, lightweight turtleneck and a lightweight trench,  and ended up taking off the trench halfway.  This proved to be a mistake, as the 2nd half of my ride is much windier, and I'm afraid I may have flashed a glimpse of wool tight clad leg at  anyone who happened to be looking out of the train windows on the Longfellow bridge.  Whoops.

The wind continued to rise through the day, and on the way home, I was blown sideways a couple of times- once so badly that I couldn't move forward at all!  Lane control feels really important under those conditions- if someone were passing too close, it could get really interesting if you're blown 3' sideways!
It was also snowing lightly by the time I was leaving the Anderson bridge meeting,  so winter definitely isn't over yet- but again,  it feels like we can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. I was hoping you would post a detailed report of the Anderson Bridge meeting for those of us enjoying a warm evening at home. :)

  2. Even in Montreal, it seemed that the snow was doomed.

  3. Any updates on the Anderson Bridge?

  4. Oh I sure hope so, I was counting on that Groundhog knowing something this year.