Monday, March 14, 2011


I was trying to leave early today avoid congestion on what can often be a tough commute.  People are running late and cutting corners, so the Monday after the time change is often a little gnarlier than usual.
I ended up putzing around on kitchen stuff and not leaving until 8 (7?) though.
And Surprise- the bike lane on Mt Auburn had been swept.  I love you Cambridge DPW!

The traffic wasn't bad either,  and one of my co-workers caught up with me at the longfellow, so we rode the 2nd half in together.   He rides a fixie, and I ride a heavy bike, but with gears,  so we do a bit of leapfrogging as we ride "together."

As I went to pick up a soda at lunch it was snowing (ugh!)  but it's not going to stick to anything.
Just a gray and chilly day though.

Did your commute change any as a result of the time change?
I'm looking forward to more light as I ride home, that's for sure


  1. I was working in Quincy on Sunday and was disoriented all day as a result of the time change; felt like I needed more sleep. Thankfully it seems to have stopped snowing now. Please, back to the 45degree sunny weather!

  2. My commute changed in that I woke up late (had been sleep-deprived for days), tooled around the house drinking coffee to nurse a headache, and didn't get on my bike until 10:30 when I *should* have been out by 8:30. I do have to admit, though, that cycling through Somerville/Cambridge at 10:30 am is a dream. It's like a ghost town compared to rush-hour!

  3. I left a few minutes early to savor the darkness and the light of the mighty P7.

  4. I am also looking forward to more light! Bring on the warmth too, please!