Monday, March 28, 2011

Extra Long Load/ The kitchen is coming!

Gilbert at Home Depot on Saturday-  needed a red flag on the end of those aluminum channels.

After grouting the tiles and replacing the outlets this weekend, the kitchen is almost done...
A teaser shot:


  1. I take it that the pro's are through and your doing the finish work yourselves?
    The rich orange finish on the cabinets looks very nice - like a ripe tangerine.
    I'm also suspecting a heels strike issue with how the bucket was mounted on Gilbert.

  2. Mark- it's a little more red than it looks in the photo, kind of brick red.

    The pros are done except for one problem with the foot controlled pedal faucet that they're trying to figure out, and connecting the icemaker.
    I'm painting evenings and mornings now that I'm done with the tile.

    Actually I only hit my heel once, which was kind of surprising!

  3. Forget all the crud it's lugging. That bike simply looks - HAPPY! Which is strange considering that I normally don't anthropomorphize over them.

  4. Nice! How is the bucket attached to the rack? it almost looks like you drilled holes in it?

    Love the kitchen colour scheme!

  5. The bucket is just held on with the rack straps. I unclipped the straps at one axle, ran them through the bucket handle (twice, so that it wouldn't move as much) and then fastened it back at the axle. I also looped my pannier bag strap through it to keep it from sliding down. It wasn't super stable, and it wouldn't carry any weight besides itself, but it was fine for a mile and a half or so trip, mostly by the river bike path.

  6. I love foot controlled faucets! was that a scientist idea or an architect idea?

  7. The foot faucet is a scientist-inspired idea, with a architect follow though.
    I'm big on foot controlled trash cans too, but we didn't have space to make that work...

  8. I love the adventures of you and Gilbert.