Friday, April 27, 2012


Even though I was late on my way to a lecture, I had to pull over and walk back half a block to study this fabulous leopard  print bike:

From just a few feet away it looks like it's been obsessively hand painted,but it's actually a 70's ish Fuji,  which has been meticulously wrapped in leopard print tape. The "regular irregularity"
of the spots and the gloss of the tape make it look very professional, like it had been painted and then clear coated.

I do hope that that's not the entire lighting system...
Very nice wrapping of a tricky intersection- very clean looking
They missed a spot- presumably they didn't want to pull the crankset to get those last couple of inches of chainstay

I'm not so big on the gold duct tape "handlebar tape"   It smacks of last minute Halloween costume-  although the gold itself is a nice choice, aesthetically.   Maybe it's just me, but this would be drool worthy with VO leather bar tape and a carradice olive with leather piping bag.


  1. Love it - and totally agree with your call about brown bar tape! I might have to try this with one of my project bikes!

  2. I think the tires and saddle require some sort of leopard-oriented treatment as well.