Monday, April 2, 2012

Hudson Update

My Dad informs me that the Hudson I saw in Chinatown last week was probably a Hudson Commodore, probably 48-50.   He notes that Hudsons had famously powerful engines, and when you drove on the freeway, people would try to pass you, just to prove that they could!

On my trip in this morning, I saw a slightly less vintage, but still old VW bug (the 60's type) with a "Yeah, it's got a Hemi" bumpersticker.  I would have been more charmed by the irony if it hadn't belched exhaust in my face as I followed it through the intersection.

Just after Charles circle, there was a tremendous traffic snarl caused by all the tow trucks lining up for the first street cleaning of the year.   Yea street cleaning, but boo the lousy job that Mass DOT did on the longfellow bridge.  It's like they just transferred all the scree into a line down the middle of the lane.
need to figure out who to complain to over there.

Chilly again this morning, and grey, but the rain that made the weekend dreary passed along overnight, so the ride was mostly dry.  I am wishing I had a lighter but still rain-proof jacket.  I realized after reading Velouria's review of her Nau jacket that my trench would be just perfect if it had a zip-out lining.  And maybe some reflective piping.

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  1. Any fondness I may feel for the old VW Beatles is tarnished by the clouds of burnt oil exhaust the old ones all seem to belch out now.